Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mamonde Pure White Sleeping Pack

Mamonde Pure White Sleeping Pack


This is the Mamonde Pure White sleeping Pack that I talked about last time. :)
It's good to use a sleeping pack that has whitening effects because
you'll be able to see the greatest effects when you use it when you are sleeping. 

Mamonde Pure White Sleeping Pack is a product that you must pay attention to 
if you are a kind of person who has a dry skin and is interested in whitening. :)


 This is Mamonde Pure White Sleeping Pack EX. 
Doesn't it give you a feeling that it will make your skin bright?


It has enhanced the transparency of the skin and increased the amount of moisture 
in the clinical demonstrations. It has especially enhanced the look of the face and the amount of moisture. It would be great to use this product the day before an important occasion 
because it is known to provide outstanding effects in a single day. :)


The rice embryo extracts and niacinamide are known to be extremely effective for whitening. 
The volume is 80ml. 


You can see the ingredients here. There are so many different extracts. 
It doesn't seem to have paraben in it. 

This is how Mamonde Pure White Sleeping Pack looks like. 
They gave a little point with the pink color in the middle. 

It doesn't take up much space on your dressing table because it's not that big. 

The plastic lid opens very well. It's not very stiff. 

Isn't the pump sort of unique?
It looks like many of the products are being released in this shape these days. 
This design is being used a lot in pack products. 

The pack will come out when you press it hard. 

It's a whitening pack that is sort of white. 
It has a very delicate smell and it is known that they've even received a patent with this fragrance. 

I've tried using many other sleeping packs before and 
this pack was the one that was most moist. 
I personally think it would be difficult for a pack to be more moist than this one. 
Sleeping packs usually create a layer on the surface of the skin, 
but this one has a very sticky texture and it's extremely moist. 

I have a  combination of dry and oily skin and it didn't dry up on my skin. 
I think those people who have an extremely dry skin should be able to use it very well.

It's almost as if you are using a moisturizing pack because of it's thick texture. 

Can you feel the moisture?
It has moisture as well. 
It won't be able to maintain moisture if there is no oil. 

This is when I've applied it on my face. If you look at it closer, you'll be able to see the white grains. Those are rice embryo. :)


This is before and after applying the product. 
My skin on the before photograph looks very moist because I tend to do the skin care very carefully except for summer. But the after photograph is much more moist. 

 I took this photograph right after I woke up in the morning the next day. 
The moisture seems to have remained on the skin for the entire day. 
I took this photograph after washing my face with only water and after applying the toner. 

My skin was a lot more flexible and had moisture on it because the product had protected my skin from becoming dry. It has definitely made my face look brighter. 
My skin was extremely dry and rough these days because I've been putting on a lot of makeups these days. I am sure that Mamonde Pure White Sleeping Pack EX will turn your face bright on those days that you are so tired that you cannot even put on a pack. :)


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