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Mamonde Pure White Watery Skin+Emulsion Review

Mamonde Pure White Watery Skin+Emulsion Review


Product name: Pure White Skin Softener EX
(A water-full whitening skin that calms down the skin and makes a transparent skin)

How to use: Apply the appropriate amount on your skin after washing your face in the morning and in the evening. 


This is the skin softener. 
It's a big size sample that I got from Amore Pacific 
while I was working at 2011 WDC. 
This sample is 70ml and the actual product 
is twice bigger than this one. 
The instructions are written on the back. 

There is a white cap in the middle and 
you can simply take it off. 
It's recommended that you take it off. 
The products are fairly new because the
WDC was held from May. 20. 2011.


I put some on my palm. 
The emulsion was a transparent liquid like water and
it got absorbed quite quickly.

I only applied it on the right and
unlike many other whitening products, 
the skin remained moist and it gave
a clean finish without stickiness. 

Name of the product: Pure White Emulsion EX
(A water-full whitening skin that makes the skin flexible and balances the level of oil and moisture on the skin)

This is the emulsion. 
The skin softener and the emulsion are in different containers. 
But the samples have the same design. So You have to check them every time. 

Just like the skin softener, 
there is a white cap in the middle. 
The manufacturing date was May.13.2011 and
by considering the fact that WDC was held on May.20.2011,
I guess they are pretty fresh. 


This is the emulsion. 
Whitening products normally make your skin dry because it doesn't have a
great balance of oil and moisture, but product is different. 

The moisture gets filled into the skin from the inside like moisturizing creams. 
Especially, it applies very smoothly and it provides flexibility to the skin. 


Even though it applies very nicely, 
it's a little slow in its absorption. 
I applied a lot and my skin became extremely shiny 
like in the photograph on the left. 

It will get absorbed into the skin after 2-3 minutes 
like in the photograph on the right
if you tap it with your fingertips. 

 It's okay to wipe it off in the direction of your skin.
But I think it's better to wipe it off with cotton. 

I don't know about removing the dead skin cells,
but it seems to have calmed down the skin to a certain extent. 

The photograph on the right when I've applied the skin and the emulsion. 
It applies very well on the skin, but it's slow in its absorption.
So I don't think you need to use a lot. 

It seems to have made my skin moist
and it also seems to fill up the flexibility from the inside. 
You may want to reconsider buying this product if you have an oily skin during summer
because there is a bit of oil in this product. 


The photograph on the left is when I didn't apply anything and I took this photograph on July 26th.  The photograph on the right is a picture that I took in the morning after applying the product in the evening. I took this photograph on August 4th.

I personally think this product has the same amount of moisture as moisturizing creams and I am sure that you can experience a flexible skin in the morning. 

I don't really know about the whitening effects because it has only been a week since I used this product, but I think it's a great product that can be used lightly. 


Texture: ★★★★★ Watery
The skin softener is very clean like water and 
it gets absorbed quite quickly. 

The emulsion is extremely watery like moisturizing essence. 

How well it applied on the skin : ★★★★★ Extremely well
It applied very smoothly. 
The emulsion got spread on the skin even with a small amount. 


Absorption : ★★☆☆☆  Normal / Slow
The skin softener is quite similar with ordinary moisturizing skins and
the absorption was quite normal. 

The emulsion got absorbed quite slowly and I had to tap it for about 2-3 minutes. 
It's suitable for spring, autumn and winter. 

Moisturizing ability : ★★★★★ Outstanding
The skin softener created a thin moisturizing layer while I was wiping off. 
I personally think you can finish your makeup with only the skin softener during summer. 

The emulsion had an amazing moisturizing ability even with a small amount. 
It is recommended for those people who have extremely dry skin. 

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