Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Cell Power No 1 Eye Cream

OHUI Cell Power No 1 Eye Cream 

O HUI Cell Power No.1 Eye cream

I got this as a gift and the package looks so cute. 
I shouldn't throw away the case and recycle it. 

I am expecting a lot from this product 
like the 'Cell Power No.1 Essence', which is known to be sold every 12 seconds. 

It's really nice
because it is divided into two 15ml bottles. 
I have a lot of eye creams that I threw away because I couldn't finish using them. 
I should be able to use this one a longer and in a clean way because it's divided like this. 

I am getting a lot of fine wrinkles on my dark circle (people ask me whether I am sick) these days and I am extremely worried that it might come down from my eyes. 

But this product had resolved the three worries that I had, which are elasticity on the areas near my eyes, dark circles and fine wrinkles. 

I should be using this product hard. 

It is known to get absorbed very well into the skin
because it's a high-moisturizing formula that's created with the natural oil technology that is friendly to the skin. The highly enriched and sticky texture was sort of cool. 

You can simply use the product by scooping out the content with the spatula that comes along with the product. I actually wanted to eat the cream because the color looked like yogurt. It looked like a pudding and it looked very delicious. 

I really like this product because it'an eye cream that can be applied on the bottom and the top of my eyes. You know.. it would be really sad if my eyelid sags down. 

I should really get over the laziness and apply the eye cream very hard. 

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