Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Sun Science Powder Sunblock Natural Skin SPF50 11g

OHUI Sun Science Powder Sunblock Natural Skin

 SPF50 11g 

I am currently using a liquid type product that can also be used as a makeup base. 

However, I am more interested in power pacts because they have the advantage which allows me to reapply it when I am exposed to strong ultraviolet rays. But I was not able to buy it because I am worried that my skin might not take it well and also because I am worried that it would turn my skin white. 

Just in time, I've earned the opportunity to try out the sunblock at OHUI, which is one of my favorite brands. 

Powder Sunblock Natural Toner

It's a pact that applies extremely lightly on the skin, for it contains Secret Air Formula TM.
It's also a pact that creates a natural and bright expression of the skin. 
Even though it not that classy or luxurious, the round shape looks very cute. 

The size is very small and it fits very well in one hand. 
It's very convenient to carry it around in your pouch. 
It should fit very well even in small bags without taking too much space. 

It opens with a click sound when you press the button. 

Even though it's very small, the huge and clear mirror is very convenient to use.
The mirror is extremely handy for various purposes.

The light cream pink-colored puff is extremely soft. 

It's very moist and flexible. 

You can easily open and close the protection lid of the powder. 

This is how the powder looks like. 
I first thought that it had a strong cream color. But it was actually light ivory. 
I didn't want to erase the pattern on the powder that looked like sun because it was so pretty. 

It was sort of like a baby powder because the color was almost white. 
Also, I was worried that my face would become the face that had the Japanese Kabuki makeup on it. 

At first, I used my finger to apply it. 
It seemed a bit too white at first, but
the color became lighter when I gently rubbed it with my fingers. 

I'll now really test the product. 

The powder didn't fly in the air when I was coasting it on the puff. 

The right amount came off on the puff. 

I applied the product on my skin that has finished up to the step of the moisturizing cream. 

Just like the product description, it applied very lightly on the skin because it contained the air space. It seemed to remove the dead skin smoothly. 
It sort of made my skin white at first, but it wasn't to excessive or anything. 
The color changed to my skin color when I gently tapped my skin with the puff.

It's recommended that you use Powder Sunblock Natural Skin after providing some moisture on the skin because it's power pact. Also, I recommend Powder Sunblock Natural Skin especially for those people who have oily skin. A lot of people are using BB products these day. But I've heard it from somewhere that BB creams are not very good for those people who have oily skin. 

I tested whether it smudged in water because Powder Sunblock Natural Skin is a powder texture and it seemed to have a waterproof function to a certain extent. 

It didn't get erased by water very easily and it seemed to have created a thin layer on the surface of the skin. 

Also, you can regard sun care products as the last step of your basic cosmetics, but

you should regard it as makeup in the phase of cleansing. 
Therefore, it is recommended that you wipe it off cleanly by using a cleansing product. 
The sunblocks that being released these days do not get erased very easily with soap or water because they are waterproof. 

I think it's a great idea to always carry around this Powder Sunblock Natural Skin that protects the ultraviolet rays without stickiness on the skin, for it can be reapplied whenever and wherever you are, as the weather forecasts are warning about the damages of ultraviolet rays these days. 

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