Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Shiny Volume Gloss 6g

OHUI Shiny Volume Gloss 6g 

I'll introduce the lip gloss that I gave to mom as a gift. 

This is what the description on the box says about the product. 

It completes a glittering lip with its abundant volume and sparklingness. 
The vegetable lip care ingredients in this lip gloss help you to have a smooth and glossy lip. 

The simple lip gloss is in a very neat box. 
In fact, I wanted to buy the Whoo's lip gloss because the design looked very luxurious. 
But I've decided to buy this one because my mother doesn't like fancy designs. 

It's a product that I was looking for because it fits in one hand. 
The product seems to have focused on the lid because it looks extremely simple. But I don't think it's that cool or anything. 

The brush comes in and out very well because the mouth isn't too narrow. 

It's now time for me to test the color on my skin. 
But my old camera was incapable of grasping the pretty pink color. 

The pearls were very fine and shiny just like its name and it wasn't  irritating to the skin because the particles were very small. 

This is when I applied the product on a white sheet of paper. 
The color is actually more strong in reality. However, the color isn't too excessive or anything. 

I am now going to prepare my lips. 

OFF /  ON   
When turned off the flash / When turned on the flash

I applied the product on my lips without having applied anything else because I wanted to test the shininess and the pearls. You can only see the glitters on the lips because it doesn't show much of the color when applied alone. But it has created a glittering lip with much volume when I applied it together with the lipstick. 

1. The fine pearls aren't too excessive and the sparkling pearls look very pretty. 
2. It has a strawberry smell and it smells very delicious because it's very sweat. 
3. It sort of turns your lip white after a certain amount of time. But it is not to excessive. 
4. You can feel the volume on your lip, but the sense of volume doesn't last very long. (It lasts for about 40 minutes to an hour)
5. The heavy and sticky texture is sometimes annoying. 

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