Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Eyebrow Pact 5g

OHUI Eyebrow Pact 5g

I haven't been drawing my eyebrows and 

I began seeing the empty areas on my eyebrows recently. 
So I had to buy an eyebrow. 
It's hasn't been long since I bought this product. But the case looks quite messy because
I've been handling it quite roughly. 

This is how big the product is. 

This is my bare eyes. I really want to look charming. LOL

Anyway, I want you to focus on my eyebrows. 
My eyebrows are quite black and I guess it looks okay.
But eyebrows are extremely important in order to leave a strong and clear impression. 

It would be so much better if I had more eyebrows. Right?

I gently drew the eye brows with OHUI Eyebrow. 
I wasn't greedy about it because I wanted to draw it from the beginning to the end. 
It's actually my first time to draw eyebrows. 
I am simply going to fill in the gaps in between the eyebrows. 


The left is when I drew the eyebrows and the right is when I didn't draw the eyebrows. 
I placed a mark with the red arrow. Doesn't it show a big difference/
The product really helps to create a clear and strong first impression. 

This is OHUI Eyebrow Pact that I was talking about. 
It's a natural brown tone and it's probably the easiest one. 
Because you look slow and serious if your eyebrows are only black. 
I use the eyebrow by mixing the color on the top and the bottom together. 
Your skin won't look too bright or anything even if you only apply the one on the top. 

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