Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Sun Science Powder Sunblock EX SPF50 20g

OHUI Sun Science Powder Sunblock EX SPF50 20g 

Volume: 20ML

The product description is written on the back of the base. 

The sunblock, instruction manual and an extra puff was in the box. 

The puff was sort of weird. It was like a velvet. 

The instructions for replacing the puff and washing the product were written on the case of the extra puff. It says that I need to replace it regularly for a refreshing feeling. 
But it's really annoying..

This is the OHUI Sun Science Powder Sunblock EX Plus.

It has such a long name. 

The product has a mirror in it. It's such a great idea. 

This is how the upper part looks like. 
The product description said that it was very portable. But I personally think the case is a bit too big for 20g. 

You'll be able to find the extremely soft puff when you slightly turn the lid counterclockwise. 
As a sun block product that can be reapplied on top of your makeups, the puff is extremely soft. 
However, the puff can become dirty very easily because it is reapplied on top of your makeups. 
I personally think it's good for the skin to replace the puff frequently because it becomes very dirty by  the sweat and oil. 

There is a transparent plastic seal in between the puff and the power to prevent the pollution of the powder. Even though there is the risk of losing that seal and it would be a little annoying when applying that product, I am never going to lose it. 
You have to strike the powder bottle upside down if you want to take that out. 

The white powder came off when I rubbed it with my fingers several times.
This powder will protect my skin from the ultraviolet rays and maintain my skin soft. 

I tapped it on the back of my hand with the puff. 

It doesn't look like that I've applied the sunblock because it's a transparent powder. 
I touched the area that I've applied the sunblock and it surely did make my skin smooth and soft. 
I was really annoyed because the OHUI Sun Powder that my older sister bought me broke . 
Thank you Ji Hyun. 
I wrote this review because I was so happy. 

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