Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Ideal Puff Blemish Balm SPF46 35ml

OHUI Ideal Puff Blemish Balm SPF46 35ml

I am relying a lot on my base makeup these days because my skin is becoming extremely rough and dry by the winter's cold and dry wind.

I would like to try out OHUI Ideal Puff Blemish Balm today. 

The case of OHUI Ideal Puff Blemish Balm was light beige, had black borders on the edge and had the instructions written on it. 

There is only one color for this product and it's a product with SPF 46, PA+++ that has the function for blocking the ultraviolet rays. 

We are able to see the characteristics of OHUI Ideal Puff Blemish Balm from its name. 

I am expecting a lot from this product because it's an item that can help to correct the makeup with its ideal puff whenever and wherever you are. It's known as a blemish balm that has the functions of wrinkle enhancement, whitening and ultraviolet protection and it is also known to provide smoothness and moisture to the skin extremely well. 

I should be able to manage the puff in a very clean way
because there are extra idea puffs in this box. 

OHUI Ideal Puff Blemish Balm used a round tube-type case. 
The indie pink body and the black lid has a very classy feeling. 

'SPF 46. PA+++' is written on the front of the product. 

It should be able to protect the sensitive skin from strong UV rays because it has a very high level of UV protection. 

The instruction sticker is attached on the side of the product. 

The content may splatter if you squeeze out the content by holding up the product. 
So it's recommended that you take out the air inside by shaking product once or twice before using the product. 

It's very convenient to carry it around in your pouch because it has a small volume of 35ml that fits right in your hand. The round tube-type case had a really nice grip because you can use it directly on your face by holding it. 

OHUI Ideal Puff Blemish Balm for creating a thin and light transparent makeup can be used in two different ways. You can take out the content by pulling out the ideal puff or you can apply the content directly on your face by holding the product. 

I am currently using the ideal puff to apply the product on my skin because the

the ideal puff is extremely flexible, doesn't stain your hands and also because it creates a very thin and light makeup. It helps you to do your makeup very quickly because the content comes out through the hole of the ideal puff in the middle. 

The ideal puff was good, but the balm's texture and the sense of color were even better. 

The bright beige color had enabled me to express a bright and transparent look on the face and it had also covered the red blushes very well. 

It wasn't sticky, and the flexible and moist texture felt really smooth. 

Even though I have a white skin, I have red blushes on my face. 

So that's why I prefer blemish balms that have covering capabilities.
After all, this product had made my skin extremely bright and moist. 

You are able to express a moist and glossy skin that seems to contain moisture and glossiness  when you gently tap the content rather than plastering the content on your skin, 

You can simply use your hands to apply the product if you want to enhance the product's covering capability. 

The covering capability was still good even when I used it with the ideal puff

and the puff felt really nice on the skin because it was very flexible. 
The bright beige texture that doesn't have any gray in it enabled me create a bright skin tone.
I must say that it was extremely convenient to use because I didn't have to make my hands dirty. 

The product lasted for long time and it was very convenient for me because all I had to do was take out the ideal puff from my pouch and gently tap it when my skin was becoming dry or when I needed to correct my makeup. 

I was very troubled by the dryness of the skin these days , but I am really happy right now because I now have a moist and glossy skin that seems to be managed very well. 

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