Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Veil Fit Pact 13g

OHUI Veil Fit Pact 13g 

I am using "O HUI veil Fit Pact" #21. Sun Protection Factor is SPF35PA++ which is quite high as it is a pact.

the case is simple, round shape with the color of violet.
It shines as if you can use it as mirror in urgent moment kkkkkk

There is plastic cover between the powder and puff. 
and that makes the powder doesn't get on the mirror 

the powder on the puff is more like actual color.
oh yeah, as you can see on the picture, it's really soft and long-lasting.

I put them on my hand to check~

         - bare hand -     

-put them only on the "right side of my hand" -

It covers blemish partly.

- General review -
SPF is high and product's quality and cost is fair enough,
but this pact is bit darker than other brands' #21 veil pact
and it looks a little dark and stuffy when you put them since it has good coverage.

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