Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Jadan Sun Cream (spf 50 pa+++) 60ml

Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Jadan Sun Cream (spf 50 pa+++) 60ml

Make up base, anti aging sun cream

I used to want to use the cosmetics while I watched advertisement of Sooae
It is my first time to use the product of Sooryehan with Sooryehan New Bicheak sun scream.

SPF50, PA+++
It prevents both UV ray and near infrared ray, that is made of pure herbal sun cream.
I prevent aging skin with this product in autumn sun. 

I opened the lid.

The decoration of lid is really luxurious.

It is made of gold decoration.

The seal also adhered simply.

I squeezed little bit.
It colored light apricot.

You can pretend it just BB cream than just sun cream.

I rubbed for several times.
It is really moist that rubbed soft.

It is little mat when we applied sun cream.
But this is not.

With moist, there is also non stickies that we can use it in autumn comfortable.

And because of its character that made of herbal things that it smells herbal product.
I really like herbal product, the scent was really good. 

I applied at all.

Can you see the hand of right side get more elasticity and lighter?

Sooryehan anti-aging sun cream covers red spot of face and express brighter skin tone.

thanks to that, it makes my skin brighter.
And also it helps anti aging that gave me elasticity of skin.

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