Thursday, March 14, 2013

SooRyeHan Extra Moisturizing Cream 25ml

SooRyeHan Extra Moisturizing Cream 25ml

Whatever the reasons may be, 
it's always a great pleasure to receive a gift that you've never expected. 

I didn't get a prior notice for winning the event and I was simply waiting for the product to arrive at some point. And I was extremely surprised when the product arrived unexpectedly. 

I didn't know what the product was until I completely unwrapped the package

because the product was sent randomly. 

Wow! I think I've won the lottery. 
I've always been wanting a moisturizing cream and it really came!
What's more amazing is that it's SooRyeHan's moisturizing cream. 
I am so happy about this. 

The case itself gives the impression of an ancient woman who's wearing a gorgeous outfit. 
The luxurious balance of gold and bronze and the noble and luxurious flower patterns add the weight to the light plastic bottle. The product came along with a small transparent spatula. Also, the protection lid and the vacuum processing inside the bottle make me smile. 

Even though it's a moisturizing cream that contains hyaluronic acid, 

it's a perfect product that matches on my skin and is also a product that has a great balance of oil and moisture because it has jade in it. 

SooRyeHan Extra Moisturizing Cream reminded me of a cream puff. 
It looked like a chewy cream puff. 

At first, I tested on the back of my hand. 

It was moist and it got absorbed quite quickly. 
I am sure that you can see the differences quite clearly. 
The area that has applied the cream looks a lot more glossy and moist. 
What I liked the most about this product was the smell. 
Do you know about the Whoo  JA SAENG Essence?
It's one of the products that I like and the smell of this product was quite similar to that essence. 
It's a kind of smell that you always want to smell. 

 I tested the oil for the next step. 
Oil is something that I cannot ignore about because it's a cream. 
I placed the SooRyeHan Extra Moisturizing Cream on an oil paper and waited for about ten minutes to see the changes. I was able to see the oil near the SooRyeHan Extra Moisturizing Cream. However, it wasn't that much. 
Therefore, it's a product that I want to recommend for those people who have a dry skin or normal skin. I don't really want to recommend this product for those people who have oily skin. 

SooRyeHan Extra Moisturizing Cream!
I would like to give a passing mark to this product in the first place, for it provides both moisture and nutrition at the same time. Fragrance was what I liked the most about this product and 

the fact that it had a quite a bit of in it was sort of disappointing for me because I have an oily skin. My mom said that it matched very well on her dry skin. 
Therefore, it's a product that I would like to strongly recommend for those people who have dry and normal skin. 

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