Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Soomil Cream 60ml

Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Soomil Cream 60ml

  Bichaeck  Soomil Gel Cream

Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Soomil Gel Cream

An oriental cream that takes care of both moisture and flexibility with the energy of clean water. 

A gel-type cream

It's quite similar to Biotherm's moisturizing cream and Clinique's Moisturizing Cream (gel-type). 

It doesn't feel like an oriental product in any way. 

Unlike many other oriental creams, the cream is extremely light. 
The texture doesn't seem to be different than moisturizing gels of other brands. 

It's a great product to use during summer because it has a cool and refreshing feeling. 
It should match very well on those people who have oily or normal skin rather than those people who have dry skin. I personally recommend those products that are not gel-types if you have a dry skin. 

The side that has applied the cream definitely looks more moist. 

It applied very thickly and it also gave me the feeling of silicon. 

I encourage you to avoid using this product if you are sensitive to silicon. 
However, it creates a moisturizing layer on your skin because it seems to cover the skin with a coating layer. It was very light on the skin when I tested on the back of my hand and the balance of oil and moisture was quite nice when I applied it on my face. It sometimes hurt my skin a little bit, but I think that was because my skin lacked much moisture because I hadn't been using moisturizing products for a long time. The skin was very comfortable in normal circumstances. 
It's a product that can also play the role of a sleeping pack when you apply some more on your face. 

Your pores may stand out if you do not apply the moisturizing cream properly. 

(My pores especially stand out a lot when I apply the moisturizing creams of LG Care)
However, this product didn't make my pore look big and it gave a chewy finish. 

I don't recommend this product for those people who are sensitive to dimethicone. 

I think it's a great product if you had been looking for a product that has a thick texture, provides moisture and creates a moisturizing layer on your skin. The product doesn't actually provide a feeling that makes you feel as if you didn't apply anything on your face, which is a kind of feeling that people who are in their early twenties tend to prefer. It's a non-sticky and light moisturizing gel that allows you to feel the right amount of oil. 

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