Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sooryehan Yunha Cleansing Foam 160ml

Sooryehan Yunha Cleansing Foam 160ml

Sooryehan Yunha Foam Cleansing Foam

I applied the eye line, BB cream and the lipstick on the back of my in order. 
Then I squeezed out the foam in the size of a little finger on the top. 

I rubbed the foam with a bit of water. 
It had a strong oriental fragrance. 
Some people may not like this smell. 
I am also personally not very fond of these smell. 

Then I rubbed the skin with my fingertips. 
It didn't create that much foam because I rubbed it directly with my hands. 
You should be able to create a lot more foam if you use your palms. 
The foam was very smooth and mild. 

I've now finished the cleansing. 
I can see the residues of the makeup in that circle. 
You can see the traces in between the pores when you look at the eyeliner
and can see the red area for the lipstick. 

The overall feeling that I got after doing the cleansing was that

it wasn't that rough and my skin didn't feel the tension that much. 
The oriental smell sort of remained after the cleansing. 
But the cleansing effect wasn't as good as I've expected it would be. 

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