Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sooryehan Yunha Boyun Eye Cream 25ml

Sooryehan Yunha Boyun Eye Cream 25ml

My skin type : Ultra dry (really tight and has a lot of dead skin cells), the starting phase of skin aging (wrinkles due to the dryness), my skin becomes very tight and gets a lot of dead skin cells when the oil and moisture balance isn't right. 

Sooryehan Yunha Boyun Eye cream

Even though it's a Sooryehan oriental cosmetics, 
it has a great smell and it's a product that I really like because it seems to improve my skin when I apply it regularly. 

The particles are extremely fine like a lotion.

<The area that has applied the cream                   The area that has not applied the cream->

It's sort of glossy because the eye cream has a lot of nutrition in it. 

Flash ON

Eye creams are usually sort of heavy on the skin because they are rich. 
But I really like Sooryehan Yunha Boyun Eye Cream because it doesn't feel very heavy on the skin and also because the moisture lasts for a very long time. 
I cannot say that it had dramatic effects on me, but it was a fairly good product to use. 
My eyes become swollen and my double eye lids often disappeared when I used a strong eye cream. But this one isn't very strong and that's why I am using this product recently. 
I think I've lost my photographs for testing the oil. 

☆ Moisture
★★☆ Oil
★★★☆ How well it applied on the skin 
★★☆ Absorption

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