Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sooryehan Yunha Extra Moisturizing Skin Toner 150ml

Sooryehan Yunha Extra Moisturizing Skin Toner 150ml

I would like to introduce Sooryehan Yunha Moisturizing skin toner 
that matches very well with the weather these days.

It's a toner that has been upgraded from Yunha moisture toner!
Yunha Ultra moisture toner is brand new product! I hope that you double check it when you are buying them. 

It's known as an oriental moisturizing skin toner that provides moisture to the rough and dry skin and arranges the texture of the skin that have become rough by the skin's inharmonious balance of yin and yang. 

This is the back of the bottle. 
The main ingredients are live adan and seosiokyongdan.

Live Adan contains the spirit of life and it gives you better effect when it is fresh with
the sophora, peach blossom, chrysanthemum, and the seed of mint. These ingredients are extracted from the growing points of the seeds. 

They are capsuled through the supercritical liposome of fresh plants and they are known to enhance the safety of the ingredient and enhance the ingredients' rate of absorption. 
The vitality of the Adan is known to prevent skin troubles and create a vital skin for you by taking care of the foundations of the skin. 

Seosi-dan operates mildly on our skin and supplements moisture and nutrition to make our skin healthy. 

The oriental ingredients of yin and yang are known to restore the skin's balance of yin and yang and make the skin smooth and bright. 

The manufacturing date is written on the back. 
I've been using this product since this late summer. 

This is when I've opened the lid. 
What's a little annoying is that a lot comes out if you do not carefully control the amount. 

I personally think this product had the lowest viscosity among all the product that I've used. 
I dropped one drop and and it ran down like in the photograph. 

I tapped it to let it absorb right after taking the photograph. 
Can you see the bit of moisture over there?
It feels cool and refreshing after applying the product. The oriental smell wasn't as strong as I've expected it would be. It's a product that I want to recommend for a person like me who has a dry skin because it has a delicate smell and also because it gets absorbed into the skin very quickly. 

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