Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sulhwasoo Evenfair Smoothing Makeup Base Review

I am going to introduce Sulhwasoo Evenfair Smoothing Makeup Base, 
which is a makeup base of Sulwhasoo. 

 I am using the Evenfair Smoothing Base together with Sulhwasoo Evenfair Smoothing Foundation because I thought that it would have better effects when I use to together. 

 The box was so simple and neat. 


 It has a flat tube-type design. 
I wondered whether it was really a product of Sulwhasoo 
because of its neat sense of color that doesn't have any unnecessary things. 


 It was sort of inconvenient for me at first because I was so used to those products that I had to open by turning the lid. But I got used to it now and I believe they've had their reasons for making it in this way. 

 Volume: 30ml
SPF25 / PA++
It says that it's a functional cosmetics and I was curious about it. So looked at the description and it said that it was a functional cosmetics that enhances the wrinkles and blocks ultraviolet rays. It was sort of disappointing because these descriptions were not written on the back of the container. I would have been better if they described the product in a greater detail. 
It's really nice that it enhances the wrinkles and blocks the UV rays. 

Let's take a look at the content of  Sulhwasoo Evenfair Smoothing Makeup Base Review. 

 I almost forgot. This product is a product that was ranked at the first 
at Get It Beauty Awards for makeup base. 

I gently rubbed the content with my fingers. 
I just washed my hands and got rid of the water with a towel. It's bare hand that hasn't applied anything. The product applied very smoothly and softly even though I have extremely dry hands. 
Can you feel how the texture is like/

I've been using a green makeup base because I have red flush on my face. 
But as you can see, I sort of hesitated to buy Sulhwasoo Evenfair Smoothing Makeup Base  because it had a similar color to BB creams or foundations. 
I am going to try it out anyways because all the people who have used this product say that it's great. 


 I also applied this product on the back of my hands at the store
 and I have decided to buy it because it spread very quickly and also because I like the moist and bright expression on the skin. 

 As I've mentioned previously, I only applied Sulhwasoo Evenfair Smoothing Makeup Base on my bare hand and it definitely made my skin a lot more moist and smooth. It had the same effects when I applied it on my face. It had a very delicate finish and the skin seemed to have a lot of moisture. 

 The before and after photograph of Sulhwasoo Evenfair Smoothing Makeup Base. 
I made a comparison so that you can see the differences very clearly. 
It doesn't make your skin glossy or that shiny. It rather makes your skin look healthy and bright and it adheres to the skin very well. 

Even though the product was not able to remove the red flush on my face like green foundations, I am currently using it everyday because it's a product that makes people say that I have a great skin. I actually wanted to use it like a BB cream. But it didn't have a great covering capability. So I usually apply this product and apply a BB cream or a foundation and my skin definitely looks better when I use this product.


  1. Anyway this product is awesome at such a low price! Very natural and even coverage, fits my skin colour totally!