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Sulhwasoo Yeseo Base (Cream) SPF20,PA++ Review

Sulhwasoo Yeseo Base (Cream) SPF20,PA++ Review

A new world opened up for me when I found and applied the sample of Sulwhasoo Yeseo Foundation that was about two years old. The color was no.21 and the color was brown. What was amazing was that it applied very softly and smoothly on the skin. It spread on the skin very smoothly and it made my skin to look very bright and mist. I think it's really amazing!

I've had a misunderstanding about cream type foundations. 
I thought they were products that are used by old women when they want to create a glossy expression on their face as if they are wearing a mask. Even though each company has different BB creams and each BB cream is different, the BB creams were sort of matt for me. 
It seemed to bring the dead skin into greater attention. 
Perhaps it was due to the change of seasons that the dead skin on my face were brought into greater attention. It was a foundation that had resolved all those problems. 
For such reasons, I've realized how prejudice is a scary thing once again. 

Anyway, I can say that I bought a foundation that I used to consider as a product that is only used by old women. After having used all sorts of foundation samples at the store, the cream type product was more soft and moist and spread on the skin in a more glossy way than the liquid type product. 

I bought /Yeseo foundation because Yebit Foundation was out of stock. 
The skin of my face is sort of dark and after trying out all sorts of samples, 
I found out that no.13, which is the brightest color, matched the best on me. 
The bright color seems to make the skin bright and look natural because it's not a product 
that covers the skin to a point that you cannot see the skin inside. 

These are the samples that I bought for 53,000 KRW. (The biggest one is the original product)

There are four different colors for Yeseo Foundation. 
No.;13 Bright color
No.21 Delicate color
No.23 Clam color
No.25 Strong color

The level of UV protection is PF20, PA++ and it sort of blocks the UV rays. 

These are the effects that are written down on the box. 

This is the 30ml case of the original product. It has a spatula in it. 

This is when I squeezed out the product on the back of my hand. 
Yebit was sort of brown, but Yeseo is just a bright color. 

I spread it on my hands. 
There is a big difference in between the area that has applied the cream and the area that hasn't applied anything.  (My hands look like feet in the photograph)

So here comes my face~

It sort of became meaningless because the photograph became so small. Anyway, this is the before and after photograph. 

"The transparent sense of color that derived from the natural colors. A cream type oriental foundation that helps to express a smooth and bright skin tone and a glossy and flexible skin"
This is what the product instruction says. Even though I am not quite sure that they've used the natural colors because I am illiterate, but I think it's definitely true that it expresses a smooth and bright look on the skin.

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  1. Mailed from Korea... Product look great and is worth the price