Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sulhwasoo Yesheo Skin Cover (SPF26,PA++) Review

An oriental cake-type skin cover that helps to express a smooth and even skin. 

Sulwhasoo Yeseo Skin Cover - Lumitouch  Skin Cover (
SPF 26 ,  PA++

 It's a product that I've been wanting to to try out. 
I bough it because I thought that a product 
that's been loved by a lot of women has its reasons for it. 

The statistics say that it's similar to a woman who is wearing a bikini. It shows you a lot, but not everything. I personally think it's hard to find out whether the cosmetics match on you or not unless you try it out yourself. Let's take a look at the attractions of Sulhwasoo Yesheo Skin Cover  that's been loved by people for a long time. 

I bought no.21, which is a very delicate color. 

There is an extra puff in it. 

It's got a small size that fits in one hand. 

 What's very convenient about Sulhwasoo Yesheo Skin Cover is that 
the area where you place your puff is transparent and 
can be flipped over with your little finger. 

As with skin covers of other brands, 
it only opens when you press it really hard  for reason of preventing the content inside. 
But you can open the cover of Sulhwasoo Yesheo Skin Cover very easily and I think this is really convenient. 


Also, you are able to use the product in a cleaner way because the content is in the case that's caved in. 

This is how the product looks like from the side. 

After using the product, simply press it and it will close. You can open it again by simply pressing the button. 

The date of manufacture is November 14th of 2012. 
I got a fresh product has been manufactured a month ago. 


 The natural and transparent sense of color that had been brewed from natural colors. 
The cake-type oriental skin cover that helps to express a smooth and even skin. 

I bought no.21, which is a very delicate color. 

 The ingredients of color no.21 and 23 are described in detail. 

This is my skin before doing the makeup. 

 I will now applyl Sulhwasoo Yesheo Skin Cover on my face. 

The color of the skin cover on the puff changes depending on where you use it. 

 I applied Sulhwasoo Yesheo Skin Cover on my face that hasn't applied the sunblock or a primer after wiping off with the cosmetics beauty that's been soaked with the toner,

I didn't expect Sulhwasoo Yesheo Skin Cover to match this well on me, as 
if I came back home after a long journey and having used various other products. 

I looked at my face once again after some time and it seemed to have created an extremely natural skin. 


<Before applying Sulhwasoo Yesheo Skin Cover>  <After applying Sulhwasoo Yesheo Skin Cover>

I was personally very satisfied. 
It applied very moistly, it even covered my pores 
and also expressed a natural skin color. 

I am currently using Sulwhasoo Renodigm Dual Care Cream for the second time
and I thought to myself that I can actually do a perfect makeup of mine when I apply Sulwhasoo Renodigm Dual Care Cream and apply Sulwhasoo Yeseo Skin Cover on the top. 

I would like to recommend Sulwhasoo Yeseo Skin Cover to those people who are thinking about buying a moist and natural solid foundation that helps to  correct the blemishes and skin tone in a beautiful way. 


Sulwhasoo Yeseo Skin Cover - Lumitouch  Skin Cover (
SPF 26 ,  PA++