Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sulwhasoo Camellia Hair Oil Review




Sulwhasoo Camellia Hair Oil

 I am a kind of woman who always applies oil on her hair. LOL
When there is a hair essence or a hair oil that is known to be good, I buy it right away and use it until the bottles are empty. I usually change my basic cosmetics or tone products before I am done using them. But for the hair oil, I usually apply them everyday until I am done using them. 

I've been using Dove Hair (I used this product because it was ranked at the first at Get It Beauty) Oil before. I've been using a sticky product before and Dove's product wasn't very satisfactory for me because it was very light. I think people recommended that product because it was an oil that had a light feeling. 

I guess a person like me who has dry skin tends to like sticky oil products. 

I used to like refreshing ones when I was in my early twenties. But I've found out that sticky products are actually better for the skin as I did some studies on the skin when I was in my late twenties. (However, it shouldn't be too sticky)

Gosh. What I am talking about. I am supposed to write a review on Sulwhasoo Camellia Hair Oil. LOL

Anyway, I bought Sulwhasoo Camellia Hair Oil today. 
The price was 35,000 KRW for 100ml. 
Even though the price isn't very cheap, I still bought it anyway because I personally trust Sulwhasoo. :)

This is how the mouth looks like. 
The case is made of plastic, not glass. The hair oil drops from the mouth if you press it hard with your hand. Doesn't it really look like an oriental cosmetics? 

This is how the back of Sulwhasoo Camellia Hair Oil looks likes. :)
It's a lot more trustworthy because they put the price on the box. 

 This is the instruction manual that's in the box.
It says that Sulwhasoo Camellia Hair Oil contains 34% of camellia oil. 
Well.. It would have been better if it was 50%. LOL

I often take a look at the ingredients because I studied about the cosmetics because of my work. I applied it on my hair. 
Even though it's a hair oil, it feels very light. 
I hoped it to be more sticky because it was product of Sulwhasoo. But it's a hair oil that's purely light and refreshing. :)
I am not quite sure if this is the smell of camellia. It simply smelled like flower. 
The fragrance goes away very quickly. 
It really did make my hair moist after applying the product. I can't say too much about it because  I've only used this product for a single day. 

However, it's good to apply a hair oil or whatever the product may regularly. :)
I personally think regularity is very important what sort of hair oil it is. 

Even though Sulwhasoo Camellia Hair Oil is sort of expensive, I think it's pretty nice as a hair oil that can be used lightly on your hair. 

Sulwhasoo Camellia Hair Oil
*Product description

Camellia oil, as a vegetable of oil that is most similar to the structure of the human skin, supplements the original glossiness of the skin and hair and restores the hair's natural beauty by making the scalp the healthy. 

Sulwhasoo Camellia Hair Oil contains over 50% of natural camellia oil and it is known to maintain a great balance of oil and moisture for your hair. 

Also, it protects the damage of the hair and the scalp with the green oil and the vitamins are known to create a healthy scalp by accelerating the scalp's blood circulation. 

I have such a rough hair that gets tangled very easily. 
I am now going to take care of it. LOL
I am currently using the silk therapy and the camellia oil in turn. 
I personally think it's a great product because it doesn't have the oil's stickiness and also because it seems to add the natural gloss and a sense of moisture that isn't heavy. 
In fact, the silk therapy has a better fragrance than this one. 

Well.. I hope my hair becomes silky soon. I will come back soon with the silky hair. :)

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