Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sulwhasoo Clear Mask Review

Sulwhasoo Clear Mask Review

I received this product as a sample about a year ago (perhaps it was two years ago. Gosh! I have such a bad memory) when I was buying Sulhwasoo's cosmetics for my mother. 
I tried out this product at that time and I've become to like this product so much.

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 Why am I uploading the photographs of the samples?

Even though it's a product that I really like, 
I've actually never bought the original product 
because I always got a lot of samples when I was buying other products. 

However, I would definitely buy the product
if I cannot resolve the skin problems with the samples. 

I really fell in love with this product. :)

I do not any description about the case because I do not have the original product. 

 The texture is strong brown and is quite sticky. 
It's sort of like the original honey that's good for the body. 
The stickiness disappears when the pack dries up. 

You can see the dark grains when you take a look at it closer. 
I have no idea what it is. I guess it's one of the oriental ingredients that are mentioned in the list of ingredients. 

The oriental fragrance matched very well 
on a kind of person like myself who has an old taste. 
Oh! Oh! Oh! I am oriental style 

I cannot even use a perfume because I am usually very sensitive to fragrance. 
I usually cough out loud when I smell the perfume. 
Even though this product has a pretty strong smell,
I felt very sweet. 

Oh! Oh! Oh! It's definitely an oriental style 

 You must fix your hair before using the product.
Or else, you're going to become like me in the photograph. 
I actually did fix my hair.. You don't want to know what it was like when I was using it for the first time. LOL I thought I was doing a hair pack. 

 How to use

Apply an appropriate amount from your chin away from your eyes and mouth 
after washing your face and applying the skin and lotion. 
Your skin may feel a bit sore if you apply too much or if you do not apply the
basic cosmetics before applying this product. 

You better stop using the product if your skin still feels sore
even when you applied the right amount after using the basic cosmetics. 

It takes more time than other products to dry up because it has the aroma effects. 
It usually takes about 30 minutes to dry up completely. 

You usually take off the ordinary packs from the bottom to the top. 
But the instruction of this product says that I should take it off from the top to the bottom. 

I was very curious about the reason and I asked them about it. 
They told me that it's not that essential that you take off the mask from the top to the bottom. 
They told me that it was simply a guideline and that I can take it off any way that I want. 

After removing the pack,  
use both of your palms and sweep like in the photograph  for the lifting effects of the face. 
(I personally skip this step because lazy and also because it's so troublesome)

Since it's a peel off type product, you should calm down your skin 
with a skin toner instead of washing your face and apply the basic cosmetics 
after removing the mask. 

How often you should use the product : Once or twice a week. 


My rough and dry skin becomes a lot more smooth and moist
after taking care of my skin with a pack like this.

My skin usually gets dead skin
if I do not take care of it in a change of seasons like these days.
The white dead skin disappears when I use it in those times.

There were a lot of dead skin cells on my face on the day that I took the photograph.
But how stupid am I?
I should have shown you the before and after photograph.
I only have the after photograph.

I will update my review as soon as
I get some dead skin on my face.

It's really awesome!

Overall Evaluation_

It's really a product that does not need any further explanation.
It's really the best!

It makes me really happy when you leave a reply or click share for me. 

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