Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sulwhasoo Lumitouch Lip Care 15g Review

This is the lip care sample that I received when I bought a gift at Sulhwasoo last time. 
The original product is 15g and the price is 35,000 KRW. 
I was able to use it for a very long time because the sample that I got was 4g. 
Even though it looks very small, you can use it for very long time because you can cover your lip even with a small amount. 

Functional cosmetics for enhancing the wrinkles
Apricot, plum and peach extracts help to create a smooth lip by taking care of the dead skin on the lip and the water that has been extracted from red ginseng saponin enhances and takes care of the fine wrinkles and curves of the lip. The high moisturizing texture that contains royal jelly and vitamin helps to create a moist skin as it gets applied on the skin smoothly without any stickiness. 

You should reapply the product whenever your lip feels dry. 
I recommend that you use a lip brush when you are applying it on top of your lipstick. 
You are able to see the effects of wrinkle enhancement if you apply the product before going to sleep. 

It's a chewy lip care that has a very sweet fragrance. 
Even though the stickiness was sort of like honey, it wasn't that disturbing or anything because it wasn't that sticky. Your hair often sticks on your lip when you are using a texture like this one. 
Even though Sulwhasoo Lumitouch Lip Care has a chewy texture, your hair doesn't stick on your lip as much because it gets absorbed pretty fast. 

I usually apply a lot less than the amount that you see in the photograph. But I took out a lot for the review. 

At first, I thought that 35,000 KRW is a bit too much for a lip care. 
However, I have changed my mind after using the product. 
The product was definitely worth its price. 

You are able to use it for a very long time because you can cover your lip even with a small amount. Also, it doesn't create dead skin on your lip anymore because it doesn't suffocate your lip, gets absorbed very quickly (of course, a bit of stickiness remains on the lip) and also because it takes care of the dead skin extremely well.
Despite the fact that I am quite sensitive to lip balms because of my extremely dry lip, I was personally very satisfied with the product. 

The red ginseng is known to be effective for enhancing the wrinkles. (It's a product that has been certified for its function for enhancing the wrinkles) After having used this product, I also wanted to try out IOPE's lip balm. IOPE's lip balm is also known to contain red ginseng saponin. 

I am currently thinking about changing my points at Get It Beauty for IOPE's lip balm. 

My personal evaluation on Sunhwasoo's lip balm

The moisturizing ability and the ability for removing the dead skin, which I believe are essential factors for a lip balm, were outstanding. The lip balm remains on the lip even when I brush my teeth. I no longer had to see the dead skin falling off from my lip after using this product. 
I no longer have a dry lip and my lip became healthier. 
It doesn't taste so bad even if it goes into your mouth when you are drinking water. 



  1. Natural!! This product is great! It might make your skin appear smoother

  2. I recommend this product. It is very excellent quality compared with price.

  3. Attractive price !! Attractive product !!

  4. 3 is the second time buying a gift all?? ** ^ ^ **