Friday, March 29, 2013

Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Emulsion 125ml Review

Honey skin, ceramics skin and water gloss 
probably are keywords that we are fanatic about. 
I can say that I am always very nervous these days because 
I am already heading towards my thirties now. 

I found out about Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Emulsion because of my mom's recommendation. 
I personally thought Sulwhasoo is a product that is used by older women. 

But I thought that Sulwhasoo's products can actually be very good if I use it properly. 

You know how good products are always different.
We can always feel a good product through our skin. 
Let me now go into my review! 

This is Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Emulsion that I am currently using. 
It seems like the ingredients are very good and it's a product that can even be used by those people who are in their twenties because it provides both a sense of moisture and nutrition. 

 Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Emulsion has a light texture that's lighter than a moisturizing cream and heavier than a moisturizing essence.  I really like the feeling when it gets absorbed into the skin because it isn't too heavy nor too light. You know how young people tend to avoid high and strong nutrition creams because they prefer cosmetics that have more moisture. 


 I took the before photograph after calming down the skin with a toner after washing my face. 
(Toner: Nature Republic / Skin: Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Emulsion)

I took the after photograph after applying the Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Emulsion. 

Even though I have a white skin, I often get those bumpy troubles on my face if I do not pay a close attention to moisture because I have red flushes on my face. 
So I tend to do the basic cosmetics very solidly and it doesn't feel like my skin gets tired as long as I spray the skin when I am feeling the dryness on my skin.


This is when I have finished my basic skin care by applying Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Emulsion > eye cream > emulsion > facial oil. 
(Eye cream : IOPE / Emulsion: Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Emulsion / Oil : NUXE)

Isn't my skin glossy? LOL
I can create the honey and ceramics skin 
if I do the makeup after doing the basics very solidly like in the photograph. 
People often say that I have a really great skin. 
It really makes me happy when I hear that. 

I want you to put this product in your list
if you are thinking about what sort of basic cosmetics to use, 
I strongly recommend it. 

Let's become pretty with a pretty skin.