Friday, March 29, 2013

Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Water 125ml Review


I've been using Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Water 125ml Review since before the Korean Thanksgiving day. It couldn't even think about using it or giving it as a gift to someone because it is so expensive. My skin was becoming extremely messy every single day and I had to do something about it. 

 So I've decided to just buy it. 

To be frank, I don't when it was the last time that I bought a basic cosmetics. 
I am personally not very greedy about cosmetics and I usually tend to use save the cosmetics. 
Also, it's because I've been using the cosmetics that I've  tried out while writing my review. 
(It's sort of sad that I must use the cosmetics even if it doesn't match very well on my skin)
But I am sure that some people will consider this a nonsense. 

Until now, none of the products that I've tried out were bad and I am currently using all the cosmetics very well no matter what sort of product it is. 
I guess that's just my personality. Or maybe it's that my reactions are slow. 

But  I really needed a basic cosmetics for my skin. 
I really felt the need when I was heading towards my mid-thirties. 
So I've decided to buy Sulwhasoo Jinseol (Arrangement) series. 
I am not bragging, but I will write a review on that product with some great information soon. 

I am sure that everyone is feeling this. We are at the change of seasons. 
The skin becomes very old if you do not pay a close attention. (It doesn't apply for those housewives that gave childbirth)

Let me show you my bare face!

Look at those pores and pimples on my face. 
(I got some treatment, but you can still see them when you look at the bare face)
Isn't it really bad?
My skin becomes extremely rough and dry if I become lazy and do not wash my face or do not apply the basic cosmetics very well. 
For such reasons, I always have to pay a close attention to my skin. 
Let me give you a few tips for taking care of your skin for those people who have a combination to oily skin like me. 


1. Wash you face thoroughly. (Never use a towel)
(There can be pollutants on the towel and I usually dry it up with natural air because towel tend to take away the moisture from the skin)

2. Avoid food that contains carbohydrate and fat. 
(I am trying to do this as much as possible because I am currently on a diet. I usually get pimples on my forehead whenever I eat chicken)

3. Apply the sunblock whether you are at home or outsside
(UV rays are the main causes of skin aging)

4. Always maintain a moist skin. 
(Lack of moisture of the skin causes roughness, dryness and fine wrinkles)

5. Never touch your face with your hands.
(It can cause troubles on your skin)


There is nothing special about i. Bu I personally think these are things that we often tend to forget. I personally pay the most attention on my basic cosmetics. 
Isn't it correct that choosing the products that matches the best on me would help to maintain a good skin and enhance the skin?
I am usually more cautious during the change of seasons because it's a season that I need to pay more attention.  I've decided to buy Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Water with the recommendation of an acquaintance and after worrying for a long time. 
The following is the step for applying Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Water. 

(First Care Serum) Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Water -Sulwhasoo Milky Liquid - Sulwhasoo Essence - Sulwhasoo Eye Cream - Sulwhasoo Cream (Whitening Cream)


After considering the money that I have and various other things, there were three product that I can buy among these products 
(I would love to buy them all if I have the money)
I'll show you the three Sulwhasoo's products that I am currently using. 

The fine sap that's been extracted from the roots of pine trees delivers a sense of moisture by providing moisture. It gets absorbed into the skin very refreshingly as soon as it touches the skin and it also delivers a sense of moisture  that cannot be compared to the previous toners. 


"Extracts from the roots of pine trees"
The extracts from the roots of pine trees deliver moisture deeply into the skin and deliver a deep sense of moisture 

"PIT Oil Method"

Since the PIT oil method makes more nutrition in small particles than those ordinary toners,
you are able to feel an immediate flexibility on the skin that's similar to the lotion. 

I couldn't find any disadvantages of this product other than the fact that it was sort of expensive. After having used the original product, now I finally understand why people are saying that Sulwhasoo is so good despite the expensive price. 

I am quite sure that this much investment is definitely worth 
for myself when I am heading towards my mid-thirties. 

 I now only have two more products in Sulwhasoo Jinseol Series to buy,
which are the eye cream and Jinseol Cream. 


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  1. Have tried the essence for about a week. It's easily absorbed and Loving it!!!!