Friday, March 29, 2013

Sulwhasoo Rejuvenating Eye Cream 25ml Review

This is Sulwhasoo Rejuvenating Eye Cream, which is a product that I am strongly recommending to the people that I know recently. 

I bought the original product right away because I loved it so much after trying out the sample by the recommendation of an acquaintance of mine. I haven't been using an eye cream before because I didn't see much effects and also because I thought it was unnecessary. 

But I am getting so much fine wrinkles these days...

This is Sulwhasoo Rejuvenating Eye Cream. 
The volume is 25ml. 

 This is the special case of Sulwhasoo. 


Sulwhasoo seems to use a case like this for most of their products. 
The only difference is their size. 

Also, the date of manufacture is written on the bottom of the product. 
The product has been manufactured very recently. 

It's always a good idea to check the date before using the product. 

Sulwhasoo Rejuvenating Eye Cream is an eye cream that has a texture like a watery essence. 
They've used the pumping container for such reasons. 

So it's very convenient to take the amount that you need. 

 That's about it for the case. 
Now, let take a look at the content. 

The product has white and watery texture. 

This product especially has a great spread-ability. 
So it applies very moistly like an essence. 

Also, it has the smell of red ginseng. 
You may not want to buy this product if you do not like the oriental smell. 

It's not sticky at all. 

This product is especially good for those people who have fine wrinkles. 
I used to have a lot of fine wrinkles because of my smile.
But I took a load off with this product. 


<Before applying the product>

<After applying the product>

The true value of this product is revealed 
the more you do your makeup. 

The moist condition is remained on the skin and
it also fills up the fine wrinkles. 

I really hope those people who used to have dry skin near their eyes try out this product.