Friday, March 29, 2013

Sulwhasoo Snowise UV Protect Cream 40ml Review

I am writing this review again because my internet suddenly got messed up. 
I am really mad. 
But I'll calm myself down. 

This is Sulwhasoo Snowise UV Protect Cream that I took from my mother's dressing table. 
It's SPF 46 PA++. 
Even though it's a day cream that has the sun function,
I use it like a sun cream. 

The volume is 40ml. 
I was not able to buy this product because it was too expensive and 
I was very happy to be able to use this product as sample. 

My skin is very dry. 
It started to look very dry when the weather became cold. 

It doesn't turn your skin white. 

It applies in a chewy way. 
I guess expensive products are different. 

This is how much I've applied on my skin. 

My skin has natural glow and it looks very good. 
Of course, I try not to go out with my bare face... but..

It makes me look like that I've actually applied something on my face when I apply a bit more. 
But do not worry. You are not going to become like a the ghost of a bachelor. 

It has a chewy texture that makes you feel that it's going to enhance the flexibility of the skin. 

The oil test on the oil paper was fairly okay
when I consider the fact sun creams normally have more oil than other cosmetics. 

It didn't push away the makeup and it matched very well with other cosmetics. 
After trying out the sample, it made me want to use the original product. 

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