Sunday, March 31, 2013

Swanicoco Phytoncide Moisture Mineral Mist 100ml


Swanicoco : Recommended Phytoncide Mineral Mist

Hello everyone. 
 I brought a cosmetics of Swanicoco again, which is one of my favorite brands. 
This is Phytoncide Mineral Mist, which is a product that I am using a lot these days. 
It's a cypress mineral mist that's been created with cypress, extracts of fermented vegetables and wild ginseng culture fluid. 

It's a safe mineral mist of Swanicoco that does not contain paraben, artificial fragrance, ethanol, artificial colors and mineral oil. You can simply apply the product in the 20-30cm distance away from your face and gently tap it to let it get absorbed into the skin. 
It's a mist that can be used very easily and conveniently. 

The reason why I recommend Swanicoco's mists is because Swanicoco is a reliable brand and also because they use the stem cells of wild ginseng that are known to be less irritating to the skin in all aspects. More than anything else, I must emphasize the fact that it can be used on all skin types. 

It's a refreshing mineral mists that makes you feel as if you are talking a walk in the woods. 
It helps to clean your skin as if contains cypress water instead of purified water,
and it's a Phytoncide Mineral Mist that helps to greatly enhance the skin as it contains fermented ingredients and wild ginseng culture extracts that are known to prevent the damages of the dry skin. 

The volume is 100ml. I guess it's very sufficient. 
In fact, it contains 105ml in it. 

It has a very nice grip and it can be sprayed on your face very easily because it's a spray-type product. You can carry it around in your bag because it's extremely light and small. 
Also, the design on the bottle is very classy. 


This is my dry hands. 
I have extremely dry skin and my hands crack up and become extremely rough in winter. 
So I have to provide moisture all the time. 
I am trying out the Swanicoco Phytoncide Moisture Mineral Mist this time and 
really recommend it. 


Swanicoco Phytoncide Moisture Mineral Mist is extremely refreshing and gets absorbed into the skin very quickly without much stickiness. It's not a mineral mist that you use just because your skin lacks moisture. The reason why I am recommending this mist to you is because this mist not only helps to provide flexibility, enhance the skin and prevent troubles, but it also provides moisture to the skin. 

The mineral mist that is extremely cool and refreshing. 
I personally think this Phytoncide Moisture Mineral Mist is one of the best mists out there 
as it not only helps to provide flexibility, enhance the skin and prevent troubles, but it also provides moisture to the skin. 

This is the before and after photograph. 
As you can see, my skin has definitely become more moist after using this product. 
At the same time, it didn't make my skin glossy or slippery because it got absorbed into the skin very quickly. I personally think you can apply it after doing your makeup. 

I recommend Swanicoco Phytoncide Moisture Mineral Mist!

There is a good news for my neighbors. 
Swanicoco is currently having a 99%/90% sale. 
You can buy the product that's worth 200,000 KRW with 20,000 KRW. 
They are selling it in order. I encourage you to visit Swanicoco as quickly as possible. 

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  1. I use it day and night. Hope I can be more beautiful.