Sunday, March 31, 2013

Swanicoco Power Deep Cleansing Oil 200ml

Recommended cosmetics - Swanicoco Power Deep Cleansing Oil

Hello. This is MJ. 
This is my last review on Swanicoco's products. I am going to be writing reviews on shading products from now on. I have a lot of reviews that I have to write because I haven't been writing my reviews for about a week. I also visited the trout festival. My last review of Swanicoco's products is about the cleansing oil. The full name of this product is Swanicoco Power Deep Cleansing Oil. It has such a long name.. :)

 The ingredients and the warnings are written on the box with the gold logo. 
The main ingredients of this product are apricot stone oil, jojoba seed oil, coco-glucoside, coconut oil, olive oil. 

It says that it's recommended that you shake it well before using the product because the layers in the product can be separated as it contains a great amount of natural oil. 
Just like other oil products, you should give a massage and wash it off with warm water. 
It didn't separately mention about the oil. 

Tip: Most of the cleansing oils do not recommend that you wash your face twice. 

The package is quite similar to those cleansing oils that are out there in the market. 

It makes me feel good whenever I take a look at it because the yellow color is extremely refreshing. You can take out the amount that need. It personally think the amount that comes out by pumping it once is enough for the one time use. 

I tested three of the products to show you the product's cleansing ability. 
I applied the eyeliner that doesn't get erased very easily (I usually have to wash my face three times with the cleansing oil to wash off this thingy), Guerlain  Automatic Lipstick and Aritaum's Mono-Eyes Shadow. 

The oil ran down from my hands because the texture was quite light. 

I took the photograph in the wrong direction. Just look at the cleansing ability in the photograph. 
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  1. Natural!! This product is great! It might make your skin appear smoother