Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi - Luxury Base 35ml

Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi - Luxury Base 35ml

Chinese medicine cosmetics
It's expensive and luxurious.. and I began thinking "Am I old enough  to use a Chinese medicine cosmetics?". The Chinese medicine cosmetics have become a lot younger these days. 
The models have become younger, the containers have become younger as well. So it's not that very difficult to use them. In fact, I feel pretty good to have a Chinese medicine cosmetics. 


Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi - Luxury Base
It has such a long name. 

The container is luxurious, decent, cool and delicate. 
Fragrance? It has the delicate fragrance of Chinese medicine. 
I opened the lid and found out that the content had gold powder in it. 

The precious ingredients are known to make the skin smooth and glossy. 
It was very smooth on the skin and it made my skin to glitter!
The product is known to contain a lot of great ingredients and it looks like my skin is living in luxury. Would my skin be smooth and glossy by the time I am done using this product?
I hope so..

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