Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi - Jewelry Powder 28g

Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi - Jewelry Powder 28g


 The product that I am going to recommend today is Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi - Jewelry Powder. 
I am not a beauty professional or anything, but I am recommending a product every single day. 
I am simply recommending a product after trying out the product, so please do not believe everything I say. 

I am writing the review solely based on my personal experience. LOL

Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi - Jewelry Powder is a powder product. 
First of all, the puff is extremely big. 
The powder itself is also very big because it's not a portable product. 
But this one is extremely light and applies on the skin very refreshingly. 
I personally like light powders when I want cover the blemishes on my face. 
I don't really like to put heavy powder on my face. I like applying it in a thin layer. 
However, I do not like it when it's too sticky or chewy. 
I guess my taste is very weird. 

I took the photograph with my mobile phone. 
It's extremely huge. 
The powder looks a lot bigger when I place it next to the Armani Powder. 


 What's good about this product is that it contains fine pearls. 
In fact, the pearls are extremely luxurious. 
I often got rid of my freckles at the hospital because I have a lot of them. 
I heard people say that pearls are good for those people who have freckles because it reflects the light. I've heard this from somewhere. 

It's good to dust off the puff first before applying on your face because the puff is very big. 
Or else too much will come off. 
There is a net like in the photograph in between the puff and the powder and
that net controls the amount that comes off. 

 In fact, it's been quite a while since I used this product
and I am continuously using this product because it's very good. 
It's good to dust off the puff with the brush after applying. 
It feels a lot lighter in that way. 
It's very hard to use a powder when the particles are too thick. 

Let me give you another tip. I was able to use the product a lot longer when I've ground the powder that I've finished using and put some pearls powder in it together. 
But you need to make it according to your skin type. 
In fact, I don't encourage you to do this.It's better to use a new product.

Anyway, I would like to recommend this product for those who are about to buy a powder. 

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