Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi - Luxury Foundation SPF25 PA++ 35ml

Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi - Luxury Foundation SPF25 PA++ 35ml

I went into the cosmetics shop and I there were so many pretty products. 
So I just bought them and came back home. 

How can I not buy this product after seeing it?
This is Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi - Luxury Foundation SPF25 PA++. 
It's has ultraviolet rays protection as well. 

 It has the plastic lid that I really like. 
The inside of the container becomes extremely messy if it doesn't have a lid inside. 
The foundation often stains the lid.
It's a product that comes along with a spatula. 

Product No.23

I bought the no.23 because I wanted to give it to my mom. I already have a lot of BB creams and foundations. It is a product that contains wild ginseng, Cordyceps militaris, court precious jewels. It an extremely moist foundation that allows me to feel the nutrition inside. 
It's not light and it creates a luxurious look on the face. 
It is moist, has pretty good covering capabilities and the texture is also very smooth.

My mother really liked this product because it was moist and  it smelled like 

The texture is extremely smooth and creamy. 
Not all cream foundations give you the feeling of moistness. 
Some products have a lot of silicon base and it suffocates the skin. 
There also are products that aren't as moist and light as you though it would be. 
The Whoo foundation is extremely smooth and nice because it's provides an adequate sense of moisture to your skin. 




The left is the area that didn't apply anything and the area on the right is the area with the cream. The area with the cream is a lot more moist and has gloss. 
It's so good because it provides a gloss on the skin as if you got a skin care. 
However, it doesn't make your skin look oily. It's a foundation that contains a lot of great ingredients. Of course, it wouldn't have as much as basic cosmetics, but it feels very comfortable on the skin because it feels a lot more moist and it feels like it has more nutrition than other foundations. 

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  1. Anyway this product is awesome at such a low price! Very natural and even coverage,

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  3. Everyone could be loved this product when they use it.

  4. I bought a long time is the pentagram is satisfied.