Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whoo GongjinhyangSeol - Brightening Peel Off Pack 135ml

Whoo GongjinhyangSeol - Brightening Peel Off Pack 135ml

This is the Whoo GongjinhyangSeol - Brightening Peel Off Pack, a product that Young Ae Lee is advertising. I will be taking care of my pores with this pack today. 
The Whoo products are products for the old women, but it looks like they are also releasing products for young women. 

I usually do a lot of packs. 
It would be a lot better to take care of your skin at a skin care shop. 
But it's a product that I want to recommend for those people who do not have much time or money or those people who were very negligent about their skin. 

This is how the product looks like. The volume is 135ml. 
I guess it's a little expensive. 
Even though it's a little expensive, you can use it for a long time because it has a lot in it. 
I am using this product for the second time. LOL
It's really convenient to use because all you have to do is take it off. You do not have to wash it off. 

Let's take a look at the pack now. 
First, you need to wash your face and calm down the skin with a skin. 
Then you apply the pack when the skin is dry. 
It dries up after about fifteen minutes. I usually apply a on my nose because the pores are usually concentrated in that area. So it usually takes more time for me. 
The pack is white and the viscosity is very strong. So the pack becomes very hard when it dries up. 

 I took this photograph right after applying the product. Doesn't it look a lot smoother after drying up? I didn't apply the pack on my entire face. I only applied it on my nose, middle of the forehead, forehead and chin. 
I am actually saving the product. I only apply it on my cheeks when I am tired. 

 This is when I took off the pack. LOL
You cannot see it very clearly because my camera isn't very good. But if you look at it closer, you can see the sebum. I usually use this product once or twice a week and it didn't make my pores bigger. I don't usually squeeze out the pores and I am taking care of my pores with this product. It feels really good to see the sebum that comes out. My faces becomes extremely smooth after taking off the pack. All you have to do afterwards is to calm down your skin with your basic cosmetics. For me, the skin and lotion got absorbed into the skin very well because my pores were clean afterwards. 

I hope that you try to take care of your pores with this product. :)


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