Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whoo Gongjinhyang Soo - Soo Yeon Pack 120ml

Whoo Gongjinhyang Soo - Soo Yeon Pack 120ml 

I tried out the Whoo Gongjinhyang Soo - Soo Yeon Pack. 
I also tried out the Soo Yeon Pack, Soo Yeon Essence, Soo Yeon Cream and the wild essence that is known to resolve all the skin problems at once!
Even though it's a sample, the sample package was very luxurious and it was a sample set that
allowed me to experience all the products that are in Whoo's moisturizing series. 

You know how Chinese herb cosmetics are more suitable for those people who have dry skin because they usually have a lot of oil in them. This was the reason why I was not able to use them. But I found out that Whoo Gongjinhyang Soo - Soo Yeon Pack was a product that matched very well for a person like me who has a combination skin. I gave these products to my mom as a gift because she really likes them. 

The blue energy and the water energy are known to balance the vein of the skin. 


 The history of Whoo Gongjinhyang Soo - Soo Yeon Pack

Soo Yeon Pack is a wash off-type moisturizing pack that gives you an immediate feeling of refreshment. It reduces the skin that's been damaged by stress and ultraviolet rays to balance the blue energy and the vein of your skin. 

 I've expected the texture to be like a gel or cream because it was a moisturizing pack. 
But I was completely wrong. The texture was something that I'v never seen in my life. 
The texture was sort of like snow. It's very creamy and you can feel the fine grains in the smooth texture. I've used this product for several times now, but I am still not very used to this texture.
When I used this product for the first time, I felt as if I was using a product for removing the dead skin cells. 

I was really curious about this unique texture and I found out that they were yam. 
Namely, it's a yam moisturizing pack. 
After hearing this, the texture really looked like that it had ground the yam. 
Our family puts yam in milk or yogurt because it's easier to eat them in that way. 
The texture of Soo Yeon Pack is very thick. It is as if it had ground the yam without putting in anything else. 

It has this distinct smell of Chinese medicine. 
The smell can be a little strong for those people who are using it for the first time, 
but I am sure that it will make you feel comfortable after using it for several times. 

 How to use

Wash your face, apply the appropriate amount on your face and wash it off with warm water after 10-15 minutes. (Use the product once or twice a week)

It's a wash off pack that you need to wash it off! 

It's  a very strange pack that makes you feel as if you are applying a scrubbing product rather than applying a moisturizing pack. I was a little worried that it might irritate the skin because it had these grains in them. But the particles of the grains were very fine and it didn't irritate the skin at all because they were very soft and smooth. 

The texture seemed to partially lump up a bit, but it applied very thin in the overall sense. 
The product comes off on your finger If you reapply the product because you want to apply it thick. Anyway, it applies on the skin in a very clean way without stickiness and it doesn't come off very easily. 

You can feel the sense of refreshment when you apply it on your skin. 
It's not like the coolness can be felt immediately after applying the product. Your skin becomes cool gradually. So you can feel that coolness even after finishing your skin care and after washing off your face. Yam is known to provide this coolness to the skin. Yam is a cold vegetable and it is known to reduce the heat from the skin. 
I think it's a perfect product for those people who have lots of heat on their face. 

Soo Yeon Pack gives you a feeling as if you have applied yam directly on your face. 
The pack will become transparent after some time. 
My skin was very comfortable without itchiness and irritation while I was applying the pack. 
The ingredients of the pack remained on the surface of the skin even after 10-15 minutes and it seemed to provide a lot of moisture and gloss to my face as if I've applied the essence of yam. 
I am sure that some will get absorbed into the skin. But a lot seemed to take care of the heat and the dryness of the skin on the surface of the skin. 

You may think the grains in the pack have melted. 
But I was able to find some grains on my fingertips while I was washing my face. 
It was very easy to wash off and my skin felt really smooth while I was washing my face. 

 I have a lot of heat on my face and always have red blemishes on my face. 
Even though I have a combination skin, there are a lot of dead skin cells. 

This product really does make your skin a lot more refreshing.!
It makes you feel clean and refreshing because the yam reduces the heat on the face. 
I personally think this product would be a great product to use during summer when your skin receives a lot of heat because it reduces the heat from your skin. 

The delicate gloss on my face after washing my face was really nice as if I've reapplied the oil. 
It was really nice because it made my skin extremely smooth and glossy. 
I also seemed to have some effects for removing the dead skin cells. 
I was not able to feel the dryness of the skin after washing it off with water and it seemed to have calmed down the damaged skin. 

It wasn't too heavy nor too light. I think it's a great moisturizing pack for all skin types and for getting rid of the dryness and heat from your skin because it's a wash off-type pack. 

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