Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FOOD Black Bean Eye Liner Pencil

Skin FOOD Black Bean Eye Liner Pencil


I bought the darkest color among the cheap products
because I really need a cheap pencil. 


I think it was long than this when I bought it for the first time. 
I think It was twice longer than this.. 

There is a sponge tip for the gradation. 
First of all, it is very smooth and it draws very well. 


The one on the very right is the Skin Food eyeliner. 
It draws quite thickly and it's a bit blunt as well. 


The eyeliner on the top is the Momoeri Eyeliner. I use the Skin Food only for the underline. 

I didn't apply anything for the underline 

Let's fill in the underline. 
I usually draw the line on the mucous too..
But this gets erased after a few minutes..
It doesn't last for a long time. LOL
You should watch out If you are one of those people who draws on the mucous. 

It draws like this when you draw it on the outside of your mucous. 
It doesn't last long because it's cheap.  Also, it gets stuck in your eyes like crazy. 


I draw it on the under and cover it up the black shadow. 
It doesn't smear in that way. I still smears after a certain amount of time, but
it's better than not doing it at all. 



It's cheap. It's smooth and not irritating to the skin.


It smears like crazy. It doesn't last long. 

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