Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SKINFOOD Eggplant Eye Line Auto Pencil Waterproof

SKINFOOD Eggplant Eye Line Auto Pencil Waterproof


The product that I am going to introduce is SKINFOOD Eggplant Eye Line Auto Pencil Waterproof. 
I've been using Clio Waterproof. Clio Waterproof didn't smear and everything else was good
but it was little disappointing that the colors didn't come out very clearly. 
(But it was still a very good product to use)
I finished using Clio's products and changed to Skin Food. 

I went to the store and asked for a waterproof product
because I have a lot of tears and I cannot use other products that aren't waterproof. 

I drew it on my hand. It came out very strong and smoothly!

 <Before drawing the eye liner>

This is my eyes without anything on. I usually fill in the top of my eyes only because 
my eyes are small and have double eyelids. But I drew it quite deeply because I am writing a review today. 

<After the drawing the eye line>


**I applied the glitter as well. 
I used Missha The Style Dual Eye Tip for the glitter on the bottom of my eyes. :)


It seems like the photographs are very poor. :)
I usually do the basic cosmetics + BB + pact and don't usually to do coloring on my face. 
I only draw a simple line for the eye line in ordinary days. But it surely does look different after having done this. LOL Perhaps I should do this when I am going out next time. 
Aren't the photographs a bit artistic? It's because I used this application on my phone. LOL
I think these applications are such great tools! LOL

So that is the end of my review. I hope that you use this product in a pretty way. :)


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