Sunday, February 17, 2013

HERA Age Away Intensive Emulsion 120ml

HERA Age Away Intensive Emulsion 120ml


I am currently using this product with HERA Age Away Intensive Water~

I bought this as a set with the skin~
I really like it because the set is also purple like the skin. 
It looks very luxurious when you place it on your dressing table. :)
The volume is 120ml. 
You need to carefully control the amount because it's smaller than the skin. 
Or else you'll finish using the lotion first. :)



Unlike the skin, you need to open the lid upwards. It's a pumping-type product. 
I personally think pumping-type products are more convenient because it's easier to control the amount. I also think pumping-type product are more hygienic because the mouth doesn't touch the skin. 


For lotions, I usually pump once during summer and pump it twice during winter. 
It's enough for your entire face and neck. 
The color is white. 


I applied the lotion the back of my hand. 
It's really good because it gets absorbed into the skin right away just like the skin. 
I personally like it very much because the lotion doesn't stay on my face and hands for a long time. I personally do not like products that are sticky. It's good when you are picking up something or when you have to use your hands because it gets absorbed right away. 
Of course, the best thing about this product is that it protects my sensitive skin. LOL :)

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