Sunday, February 17, 2013

HERA Aquabolic Waterfall Cream 50ml

HERA Aquabolic Waterfall Cream 50ml

 What's the thing that I worry the most about my skin during winter?

It's the dryness caused by the lack of moisture. 
Those people how have an oily skin usually have troubles on their faces, 
but did you know that you can also get troubles on your face when the moisture isn't balanced?

For such reasons, those who have oily and combination skin must also provide moisture as well as those who have a dry skin. 

The product that I am going to introduce today is HERA Aquabolic Waterfall Cream, which is a cream that is known to protect the moisture of the skin for 12 hours. 

They have recently changed the model of their advertisement from Tae Hee Kim to Min Ah Shin. They've changed their model for their advertisement because Min Ah Shin seems to represent the trendy image better than Tae Hee kim. 

The volume is 50ml and
the price is also cheaper than other series of HERA. 

HERA Aquabolic series include high-moisturizing products that can be used in dry weather  like the one that we're going through these days. 

It's covered like in the photograph and you should open it by following the dotted lines. 

The texture is pretty light and not rich because it's a moisturizing cream.
It seems to have a lot of moisture in it at glance.
Maybe it's because the cream is sort of blue. 

I'll put some cream on the back of my hand. 
Even though the texture isn't that chewy or anything, it doesn't run down. 
It's pretty much similar with other moisturizing creams. 

I evenly spread the cream on the back of my hand. 
One of the characteristics of this product is that it gets absorbed very quickly into the skin.
That huge amount of cream gets absorbed into the skin quite quickly when you rub it. 

It's as if a transparent protection layer is created on the skin. 
A moisture protection layer is created. 
I usually apply a lot because my cheek and forehead are extremely dry and during autumn and winter. 

I usually apply a little less in the morning because it's before my makeup.
It won't get push away or anything even if you apply a lot. 



This is the before & after photograph. 

You can see the dryness in the before photograph and
you can also see that it had removed much of its dryness after using this product. 

Of course, it's such a natural thing because I took this photograph right after applying the moisturizing cream. I am sure that your dry skin will become much moist when you use it regularly. 

You always have to maintain the moisture balance of your skin during autumn and winter by applying the moisturizing cream. 
Please do not forget. 

I am currently applying a richer cream after applying the moisturizing cream these days because I feel the tension on my skin after washing my face in the evening. 
I can make the moisture stay on my skin longer in that way. 

I cannot show you a huge difference because you have to use these basic cosmetics for a long time to see the changes. But what I am sure about is that this product gets absorbed into the skin very quickly and that it's a high-moisturizing cream. 
It wouldn't be a bad idea to use this HERA Aquabolic Waterfall Cream during autumn and winter. 

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