Sunday, February 17, 2013

HERA Cleansing Remover 100ml

HERA Cleansing Remover 100ml


You are able to prevent dark circles and eye diseases by carefully erasing the eye makeups!
That's why eye  removers are important!
I usually wiped my makeups up without using a separate eye remover, 
but people told me that I shouldn't do that! They told me that I have to erase my makeups thoroughly.. and that's why I bought this HERA Cleansing Remover. 
I didn't really use the other products that I've bought because it really hurt my eye when it went into my eyes and also because they seemed to be irritating my skin. 
But I tried using the HERA Cleansing Remover because people told me that it's very mild and it was really mild for the eyes!

You can simply shake the bottle so that the oil and water gets mixed. :)
It looked really pretty because it was very clear and transparent. 

I'll now erase the eye makeup! I am going to take off my contact lens and erase the makeup!

This is when I wiped my eyes off with a cosmetics cotton bud. 


This is after wiping it off. I was very excited because it erased so well. 


I also tested other products on the back of my hand. 
Eye brow, gel eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, lipstick. 


This is when I wiped it off once. It all came off on the cosmetics cotton bud. 

The products that I've applied on the back of my hand got erased already. :)

 This is when I wiped it off thoroughly~!!
It seems to erase products that have strong colors very well because it's a point remover. 
I wrote this review because this product was one of the products that I've liked the most. 
This product would be a great choice if you are looking for a mild remover that does not irritate the skin!

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