Sunday, February 17, 2013

HERA Sun Mate Daily SPF35 70ml

HERA Sun Mate Daily SPF35 70ml

I've always been using cheap products for sun creams. 
I've been applying the sun cream and the base or primer separately, but I was a bit annoyed for having to do that. So I've been looking for base that I can also use it as a sun cream and found this HERA Sun Mate Daily. 
Also, I am trying to use less cosmetics these days. 
In the past, I applied skin, lotion, essence, cream, sun cream, base and foundation because 
I thought applying more cosmetics was always good for the skin. But people told me that it's not very good to apply this much. 
So I try to skip the products that I think are unnecessary 
to make my skin a bit more refreshing. 

I think it's a perfect sun cream for a person like me
who wants to apply less cosmetics and who is annoyed by having to apply the sun cream and base separately. 




The product that I am going to introduce is HERA Sun Mate Daily SPF35. 

Just because SPF is high doesn't mean it's good for the skin. You should be careful because product with extremely high SPF can irritate your skin. I think 35 is good enough for the skin. 


A sun block that can also be used as a makeup base. 


The design of the product really looks like HERA's product. LOL

The manufacturing date is July.23.2013. I really like it. 

The mouth is covered with the virgin seal as always. 


The color is close to the skin's color. I squeezed some out to try it out on the back of my hand. 



 The texture is sort of like this. 
It applies to the skin very smoothly. 


It doesn't really have any colors in it. But the left is the area with nothing on and the right is area with the cream on. It looks sort of shiny. 
The one thing that you have to avoid in sun creams is turning your skin white. 
This product didn't make my skin white at all. It was as if I've applied the lotion. 
The smell was very refreshing as well. 
I was sort of uncomfortable with MISSHA's silver lid because the smell made my head hurt. 
The one thing that I'm not satisfied about this product is that it contains a bit of oil. But I guess most sun blocks have a bit of oil in it. I am fine with a bit of oil because I have a dry skin. 

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