Sunday, February 17, 2013

HERA Sun Mate Leports SPF50 70ml

HERA Sun Mate Leports SPF50 70ml


The container's design quite similar with HERA Sun Mate. 

The only thing that's different is that this one is SPF35

while Leports is SPF50.




50 is written in red!


The volume is also very good. 


I squeezed it out and the white cream came out. 

Sun Mate had the apricot color and moist while

Leports was white and less moist. 



 I applied it and it was very white. 
It didn't have any oil. 


It got absorbed into the skin very well and 
it was very clean without turning my skin white. 


Even though it's less moist than Sun Mate, but it has a lot less oil in it. 
I personally think this product should match well on me during summer.
I think I am going to finish this product very quickly because I tend to use a lot and also because I have to apply it all around the year. 

So I have stored another one.  LOL

I'll write another review when I am done with this.

Anyway, I highly recommend HERA Sun Mate Leports. :)

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