Friday, February 22, 2013

IOPE TROUBLE Clinic Sun Protector

IOPE TROUBLE Clinic Sun Protector


The product that I am going to introduce is IOPE TROUBLE Clinic Sun Protector. 
As you may have noticed, it's a sun protector. 

I brought some materials from URIAGE's sun products that I've used before
I figured that I needed to understand what sun protector is. 
I hope you take a look at it~! 


UVA (ultraviolet rays A) PA:
It penetrates the melanin coloring in the skin and makes the skin dark. 
Level * 15 minutes = The amount of time it takes to protect
For example, it takes 450 hours when the level is 30. (30*15)
In theory, this is over seven hours when we change it into time,
but it's recommended that you reapply it in 2-3 hours.
Also, 15 minutes is for white people.
It looks like the time changes based on the ethnicity.
It should be correct if you calculate 1 as 15 minutes.
(Of course, that is in theory)


UVB(ultraviolet rays B) SPF:
It makes the skin hurt, irritates the skin, damages the skin structure, reduces the flexibility and accelerates the aging of the skin. It is known to protect the ultraviolet rays x2, x4, x8. 
It is known that SPF 30 is okay to be used in everyday lives. 
It is known that it's always better to reapply the product on your skin whether it has a high SPF or not. I remember myself writing review that said it's good to apply a sun protector even if you are inside a building.
The SPF of this product is 25, which is 5 points lower than ordinary sun protectors. LOL


IOPE TROUBLE Clinic Sun Protector SPF 25 PA++
A mild chemical filter free sun care that takes care of the sensitive skin

 Some people may ask 
"why is the SPF so low? can it be used in days like these?"
I personally think it's not enough if you are a person who does a lot of outdoor activities. 
In fact, I also hesitated a little because the level of protection was so low. 
My skin was really rough and dry these days a I've been looking for a product that didn't irritate the skin. More than anything else, I always stay inside a building. 
(I always stay home even in the weekends)

The product creates less trouble on your skin the lower the SPF level is. 


 You may think the product is a little small,
but I think the size is pretty adequate
because I only use it on my face. 

I'll tell you about this later,
but it's very easy to control the amount because it's extremely soft and applies well on the skin. 


 It's tube-type product that can be squeezed out and
I think you can use it in a very clean way because
mouth is sticking out like in the photograph. 

Also, the the content doesn't run doesn't run down even though it's very smooth. 
You don't have to worry about the content running down because
the mouth is very sharp. 


I put the product on the back of my hand and spread it. 

To be frank, I don't really like the smell of it. 
The smell was sort of like medicine. 
Well. Perhaps it's because it's a product in the trouble series. 

As you can see, the texture is very watery and it applies very smoothly on the skin. 

I was a little worried at first 
because it seemed to have a bit of oil in it. 
But I was wrong. 

As you can see, it gave a very soft and smooth finish without turning my skin white. 
I was very satisfied because it wasn't sticky at all.


It seemed to give a soft and smooth finish and
it also made my face moist at the same time. 
Even though it didn't correct my skin tone or made my face bright, 
it definitely calmed down my skin .
People say that sun creams can be used with BB creams and base product together. 
I do not have any dissatisfaction about it as long it has the function of a sun cream. 
I am personally satisfied with this product because it didn't make my skin dry, provided shininess to a certain degree and didn't irritate the skin~!

Let is summarize it. 
Even though it's a sun protector that has a fairly low SPF, 
it doesn't seem to irritate the skin as much as other products that are in the trouble series. 
The smell wasn't very nice, but
it applied on the skin very well because the texture is very watery and soft. 
It's a product that doesn't get pushed away by other products and it doesn't turn your face white after using the product. Even though it provides a soft and smooth finish without oiliness, it doesn't make your skin dry. 


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