Thursday, February 7, 2013

Skin Food Citron Scalp Care Conditioner

Skin Food Citron Scalp Care Conditioner


Unlike most of my reviews that talked about coloring product or basic cosmetics, 
I am going to be writing a review on a hair product. :)

I once received the Skinfood Lemon Scrub Body Wash from a friend of mine when I was in high school and I really liked the smell. I wonder how this Citron Scalp Conditioner would smell like!


The overall design was very clean and nice. 
I thought the picture was a lemon until that I've checked that it was a citron. LOL


The lid pops up when you turn it. :)


This is how the back of the product looks like. :)
The product contain 4 substances to make your hair healthy. 
(No coloring, no paraben, no ethanol, no benzophenone. 

I expected it to be yellow, but it was a transparent yellow. :)
I  felt really relieved because it didn't even use the coloring!


I pumped it out with my hand. Its a lumpy cream. 
It seemed very refreshing for me
because I've been using an oily conditioner that isn't very transparent. 


I took a look at its viscosity. I cannot say that it didn't have any, 
but it had more viscosity than the products that I'd been using. 


This is a photograph before drying up my hair after using the citron conditioner. 

I'll tell you the condition on my hair right now. My hair is thin and it becomes extremely dry as it goes to the end. That's why my hair is so much different on days that I've used the conditioner or the pack as compared to days that I haven't used them.

I usually use a shampoo and a conditioner that has a lot of nutrition and oil
because I have such a dry hair. 


I tried using the citron conditioner. What I've felt was that it applied to the hair very lightly. 
To be honest, it didn't really feel smooth because I've been using the product that had much oil. 
I was a little curious of its effects and to be frank, it didn't feel that good until washing it off with water. LOL

But as you can see it in the photograph, it surely does make a difference, right?
My curling of my hair became better when the hair became smoother and I was able to create a hair that you see in the photograph when I gently curled it up. I think my hair looks a lot prettier and most of the mess had calmed down. To be frank, I didn't expect my hair to change that much with a conditioner. You know.. you're not getting a hair care at a hair shop or anything. 

It was a conditioner that had a nice smell of the refreshing citron. 
But what's a little disappointing is that that smell didn't last very long. 



Skin Food Citron Scalp Care Conditioner Review

1. The refreshing smell of citron is very nice. 
2. It wasn't slippery on the hair while washing it off. 


1. There isn't a huge price difference as compared to the  products of professional hair brands. 

2. Insufficient nutrition for my extremely dry hair. The immediate effects after using. 

3. The smell of the citron doesn't last long. 


However, I strongly recommend it for those people who have oily skin or as a daily conditioner.
I think guys would also like it. 
I think my father would also like this product
because he likes products that are refreshing when washing it off. I'll end my review here. :)

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