Thursday, February 7, 2013

SKIN FOOD Nail Vita-RE102

SKIN FOOD Nail Vita-RE102


I am going write a review on a nail product today. 
I think my nails are going to become very weak in the future because 
I've been putting on the nail and erasing them over and over again. But I still want to change my nails all the time. LOL

I brought a very scary colors today because I've changed changed the shape of my nails very sharp. 


SKIN FOOD Nail Vita-RE102 Pinky Red
Volume: 13ml


This is the back. 
The name of the product, bar code and the manufacturing date are written here. 

I cannot see the words very clearly because the color is dark. LOL


This is how the brush looks like. 
The bottle is in rectangular shape and the brush is s little thick 
because this is Skinfood's old model. LOL


This is when I've applied the product in one layer. 
The mark of the brush remained on the nail. I should be using them more carefully. 
The color is actually more strong in reality. I can still see the smile line at this point. LOL

This is when I've applied the product in two layers. 
But the mark of the brush still remains. It covers to a certain extent, but I am still a little disappointed. The color is actually more strong in reality. 



 There are extremely fine pearls in it. You won't be able to see them with your eyes very clearly. LOL It wasn't glossy because of its metallic feeling. But it's very pretty without it. 
You would have to control the amount very carefully for Skinfood's products. It almost touched my cuticles. LOL Your nails became sort of red after erasing the them after 2-3 days because the color is very strong. But it should be fine if you apply the base coat~
The name of this product is Pinky Red and I think it would match very well for rock nails and nails that stand out a lot. 


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