Thursday, February 7, 2013

SKIN FOOD Kiwi Yogurt Mask Wash Off 100g

SKIN FOOD Kiwi Yogurt Mask Wash Off 100g

The product that I am going to write my review on is SKIN FOOD Kiwi Yogurt Mask Wash Off. 
The volume is 100ml. 


I got this product yesterday. 
The parcel service guy hid the package at entrance without calling me or sending me a text. 
I wouldn't have known that it came if I didn't look for it. LOL


It says 'a yogurt mask that contains extracts of kiwi, 
which is a tropical fruit that has abundant vitamins and juice. 

I would like to write down the ingredients for you.. but I cant see them very clearly. 
Well.. I really don't care about the ingredients. LOL

The ingredients were not on the Skinfoods website as well. 
Perhaps they didn't put up the ingredients on their website because it's already written on the product. 


When you unwrap the package and open the lid, there is another cover in the middle so that you can store it in a more hygienic way. I usually use this cover until I am done using. LOL 


The content seemed like it had mixed yogurt with kiwi!
There were these green grains and they pop up when you rub it on your skin. Its so much fun. LOL


I applied some on the back of my hand. 
It was really as if it had mixed kiwi and yogurt together. 
I don't know how to put it. 

However, the smell wasn't the refreshing smell of kiwi. 
It smelled sort of like medicine. 
The smell was sort of artificial. 
I don't really like the smell because I am quite sensitive to smell.

I rubbed it on the back of my hand. 

The instruction told me to give a massage for about 10 to 15 minutes, 
but how you do you do the massage for 10 minutes. LOL
I only did it for about 5 minutes and washed it off. LOL

I wanted to take a before & after photograph, 
but I forgot that I wanted to take the photograph and directly went to the bathroom . 
That's why I don't have the before photograph.. 
And you know what? I don't even have the after shot. 
I'll upload them later when I have time. 



The product itself is quite nice!
The artificial kiwi smell is a bit annoying when you are giving your massage,

but it's so much fun to pop up the green grains
and the skin does become smooth, if though it's quite temporary. 

The kiwi pack is known to control the sebum and the pores. 
It also has the function for removing the dead skin cells~

The effects aren't that substantial , but I feel good because my skin feels a lot smoother. LOL

I should be able to use for long time because it's cheap and there is so much in it! 

Click here to purchase the product.

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