Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SkinFood Rice Wash Off Mask

SkinFood Rice Wash Off Mask


I recently found some dead skin cells on my skin while I was doing makeup!!
I felt the need of removing the dead skin cells because I really didn't care about them for quite a while. I visited Get-It-Beauty and found out that there were so many rice packs by SKINFOOD. 
I bought it because the price was fairly nice and also because people had great reviews on it!


This rice pack is known to be at an exact same price for eight years. 
The ice creams that were 300 KRW when I was young are now 700 KRW and
what used to be 500 KRW is now 1,000 KRW. But SKINFOOD still hasn't increased their price!

I actually wanted to buy the Black Shoe Mask, 
but the clerk at the shop told me that it can be a little irritating for a sensitive skin. 
So I've decided to buy the rice pack that is less irritating to the skin. 


The product has a lid inside to prevent the content from drying up. 

It protects the cream from water and air because it would melt if water went in. 
I recommend that you take a good care of this lid inside. 


You'll be able to see the white cream when you open the lid inside~
I can see the grains even with my eyes. 


I scooped some out on the back of my hand. 
The cream has grains that are like rice. 
You actually have to use it after removing the water from the skin,
but I usually use it when there some water on the skin 
because I want to prevent irritating the skin. 


The dead skin cells come off and the pack starts to melt when you spread the cream and wait for a while. 


The white cream melts and only the grains are left on the skin when you gently rub them. 


You can feel the dead skin cells coming off when you give a massage. 

I cannot see any significant changes because I applied it on the back of my hand. 
When you wash it off with warm water after giving the massage, 



In fact, I bought this for the second time and I think 
it's more effective when you actually use it on your face. 
A lot of people already know that rice is good for making your face white. 
I felt my face becoming a lot brighter after doing the pack. 
I applied quite a lot once or twice a week and even though I have such a sensitive skin, it really changed my skin a lot. The price is affordable and the quality of the product was also very good. By looking at the fact that it had made my skin smoother after washing the pack off, I think it also has effects for removing the dead skin cells. 
I would definitely buy this product again!!
I am gonna do the pack before I go to sleep tonight~


Click here to purchase the product.

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