Monday, February 25, 2013

Mamonde Gold Honey Pack 100ml

Mamonde Gold Honey Pack 100ml


This is the Mamonde Gold Honey Pack that isn't only cheap, 
but also a product that contains both honey and gold
I really like the name of this product. I am personally very fond of honey. 
Honey is known to provide moisturizing effects for the skin and make your skin glow up. 
I am sure that you all know that your skin will look healthy when your skin has gloss and is moist. 
I guess I do not have to give you further descriptions of this product because it contains honey and gold. 


This is the pack with gold that you'll find when you open the lid. 


Can you see the gold when you've applied it on the back of your hand?
Your skin becomes a lot more smooth when you apply this pack and wash it off after 10-15 minutes. You'll also see the gloss on your face. 
You'll be able to experience better effects if you apply this product after opening up your pores by using the INNISFREE Steam Towel that I've mentioned about last time. :)

 The product isn't necessarily good for the skin just because it's expensive. 
Your skin will not get better just because you've applied an expensive product. 
It's extremely important that you take care of your skin when it's good. The effects of the products that you use will last longer in that way. I personally use expensive cosmetics too, but I love looking for cheap products that are effective. :)
I personally like cheap masks. LOL
You know.. I would rather invest my money for going to the dermatologist than buy expensive masks. 
Let's try to make our skin clean and bright this winter with this Mamonde Gold Honey Pack 
that is both cheap and effective. :)


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