Monday, February 25, 2013

Mamonde Total Solution Eye Cream(Samples)

Mamonde Total Solution Eye Cream(Samples)

Hello everyone!
The product that I am going to introduce is Mamonde Total Solution Eye Cream!

This is actually a free gift that I got at Amore Mall when I was buying the air cushion. LOL
So I got some wrinkles under my eyes. 
It's not that much, but the one that I got is pretty serious. 
And the makeup residues are stuck in between the wrinkles. :(
I should be using the product more properly from now on. LOL

This is the dark red case of Mamonde Total Solution Eye Cream!

Mamonde Total Solution Eye Cream is known to maintain the moisture for 12 hours
with bean and camellia leaf extracts. It is known as an all-in-one eye cream that provides whitening effects on the areas near your eyes because it enhances the wrinkles near your yes with nano technology. 

There are about 10 different functions that this product provides. 
It is known to restore the oil and moisture balance, enhance the wrinkles, relieves the tension of the skin, enhances the skin tone, takes care of the dead skin cells, enhances the skin, enhances the flexibility of the skin, enhances the skin's level of resistance, relieves the itchiness of the skin and prevents the expansion of pores. 

There are so many functions! LOL

It's really a total solution that has so many different functions in it. LOL

I found out that it's not especially  good to a lot of functions in a product
because some functions may go against each other and some functions may not produce good results when they are put together. But it's definitely convenient that I can use the different functions together at the same time. 

Even though it has a small mouth, it's not like a spot product. 
I personally think spot-type containers are good for eye creams. 

It's a white cream that has a solid texture. The texture isn't that chewy. I guess it's just a bit moist. The smell is pretty nice. 

I gently applied it on my skin and it seemed to have sufficient oil. 

People say that you need to take care of the areas near your eyes 
because the areas near your eyes is extremely thin and sensitive!
But I personally think it's not that economic and effective that you use expensive eye creams from when you're very young. 

I personally think it's a good eye cream that can be used
by teenagers and those people who are in their mid-twenties and late-twenties. 

The volume of the actual product is 30ml. 
(The sample is one third of the actual product)

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  1. thanks for the review! does this product works for you? i'm kinda interested on purchasing this but looking for the review currently :/