Monday, February 25, 2013

Mamonde Triple Multi-Foam Cleansing 175ml

Mamonde Triple Multi-Foam Cleansing 175ml

This is Mamonde Triple Multi-Foam Cleansing. It's been quite a while since I bought this product. I actually bought the eye pencil when I was at the store. I also bought this foam cleanser even though I had a lot of cleansers at home because they were giving away free gifts when I bought a certain amount. I am finally using this product now. 


The ingredients on the back says that it contains the Russian iris extracts and lotus extracts. 
The Russian iris extracts calms down the skin and plays the role of providing outstanding cleansing effects. The lotus extracts are known to provide antioxidant effects and 
neutralize the skin troubles and toxic substances. 

I took out some cleanser on the back of my hand. It's a white cleansing foam. 

 The texture was quite sticky and chewy and it didn't seem to contain a lot of moisture. 
Even though it was very faint, I was able to feel the fine grains in the cleanser. These micro bids  are known to break down when you rub it and it is known to remove the makeups, skin pollutants and even sun creams very effectively. 


I made the foam by adding some water. I was able to create a lot of foams very easily. 
You can massage your face with this foam and wash it off. 

I applied the foundation, mascara, eye shadow, eye pencil, lipstick and a lip gloss
to test how well it cleansed. 


I made the foam with Mamonde Triple Multi-Foam Cleansing and rub it. 

The cosmetics on the back of my hand got erased
when I rubbed it with a bit of power. 

 It all got erased when I washed it off with water. 
Of course, you won't be able to erase your makeups completely with a single cleansing foam, 
but it cleansed a lot better than other cleansing foams. 

I personally think Mamonde Triple Multi-Foam Cleansing cleansed pretty well. 
However, my skin feels a little dry after washing my face. Perhaps it's because the weather is getting colder everyday. Anyway, I think it's a product that you can use to wash your face very cleanly. 


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