Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mamonde Fast Shipping Pure White Sleeping Pack Review


I finally tried using Mamonde Fast Shipping Pure White Sleeping Pack. 
I used this product because it seemed a lot more easy and convenient than other essences while I was looking for a whitening product. 

It's a product that contains embryo bud of rice and you can go to sleep after applying this product in the evening. It's really annoying to use an essence because I have to apply them every evening. I personally think Mamonde Fast Shipping Pure White Sleeping Pack is a perfect product for me because it has whitening effects and the effects for removing the dead skin. 


It fits in one hand very well because it's only 80ml. 
You can also buy the 50ml bottle through home shopping. 

When you open the lid, take out the thing that's blocking it and pump it

 This much comes out. It's the right amount for using it once. 
I think product isn't very hygienic because the mouth easily becomes dirty when you use for some time. 


 You can see the white capsules when you take a closer look. 
All you have to do it apply it so that these capsules get absorbed into the skin. 

My evaluation of the product is that I recommend it for those people who want to do the whitening in a comfortable way. It's pretty good product by considering the price and the fragrance isn't very disturbing. Whitening products often make your skin dry. But this doesn't do that. You should be able to catch two rabbits at once by using it once or twice a week because you can experience the whitening effects and the effect for removing the dead skin.  

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  1. Everyone could be loved this product when they use it.